Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Paint By Letters

Hello CPfanatics

I almost forgot to post this! The new PBL book is out in the book room the Lime Green Dojo Clean. If you want a bonus, wait until the end of typing each page then move your mouse around to find a coin! BTW do you think I say crap actually I think its because of macajims funny pics, which he says crap in a lot. but anyways, some people are google searching “oh crap” and our site come up lol.



4 Responses to “Paint By Letters”

  1. lol and cool jaden pic

  2. i found all the hidden coins it will give 800 coins if you find them all pretty sweet huh also im having a pirate party in my igloo this month every day from idk 7:20 or something til 7:30 but ill be back on at like around 3:00 3:10 idk and ur all invited until then

    Waddle On
    Your #1 Fan Road Warrior Limpbizkit30

    ps yes i did change my name

    pss i am moving to Minesota

    psss if anyone would like to meet me on bribble or club penguin just ask what time and what day

    pssss boyers get on so we can do the card tournament thing

    psssss srry for all th ps

  3. ok my parents decided were NOT moving to minesota

  4. Hey its Ajinator from clubpenguinexclusive.wordpress.com, ummm u have a aim, e-mail anything so I could talk to u>

    If you do commet back on my site 🙂

    K later

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