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Create Cadence and Outfit Contest’s Due Dates

Just FYI the Create Cadence contest is ending Friday February 13th, 2009. So hurry up and enter before it’s over and try to win the grand prize or 2nd or 3rd. once again here’s the prizes 1. One Series 2 Coin Code,and site advertisement on 6 posts, 2. One Series 1 Coin Code, 3. Site Advertisement on 6 post’s. And for the Outfit Contest the ending is February 21st, 2009. The prizes are 1.10,000 Coins, 2.5,000 Coins, 3. 2,500 Coins. And if your a Non-Member I’ll try to figure something out. Also if you want to donate a Series 1 or 2 Coin Code for the contest you can the prize for that will be, Series 1 Code. Mentioned Name ans site advertised on 6 posts.   Series 2 Coin Code. Name mentioned on 6 posts along with your site advertised on the sameones. Hope all of you can try and contribute a little bit to one or the other contest’s!

8) Keep Rockin 8)

~Macaroni Jim~


4 Responses to “Create Cadence and Outfit Contest’s Due Dates”

  1. I sent you

  2. thnx for the post

  3. ill give you a series 2 coin code if you give me that sereis one coin code. (i dont like to cook or what ever)

  4. yoou don’t need to you can Draw, Make With Food, or Paint Tools

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