Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

A few Changes

Hello cpfanatics

I was just expiramenting with the css and changed 2 text-related things

1.Posts, have Comic Sans MS (tell me if you think a different font would be better)

2.Comment box is changed to Neuropol (again tell me if I should change it to something else.)

3. I don’t know, but what should I change the post title text to?

Also, if you plain just don’t like it, tell us.

PS. BLC, I don’t really mean to nag you about this, but are you gonna change the domain?

PSS. IDK, but if this gets me the coin code on http://cpsecretsquad.wordpress.com then heres that advertising you wanted Reg, http://cpsecretsquad.wordpress.com



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