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Puffle sneak peak O.O

Hello CPfanatics (If BLC makes our new domain clubpenguincity.com I will start saying Hello CP citizens)

Coming up starting Feb. 13 (Friday the 13th ooh scary! lol) try putting some puffle furniture in your igloo! Your puffles will start playing on it! I think it might actually finally  be worth owning a puffle! Also, sometime this Feb. there is going to be a puffle party! What do you think will happen? New puffle color? Puffle clothing items? Who knows?


9 Responses to “Puffle sneak peak O.O”

  1. Hello nice post!

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  2. theyre probably going to make us into puffles for the party like they did for april fools day, but hopefully this time we have a choice.

  3. Thats sorta what I was thinking. Anyways, if you want to change our domain go to https://cpfanatic.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=domains then enter clubpenguincity.com then your parents will have to sign into pay pal or something and pay.

  4. on friday the 13th R2 im comming for ur head

  5. Hey,
    Awesome site!
    Please cpmment back on my site (Click my name) it would be much appreciated!

  6. rofl… i just got a check for 15$ from GHI… xD

  7. I don’t mean to nag you on this blc, but are you going to do the domain?

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