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Rockhopper’s Arrival, and New Pin!

February 28, 2009

Hey CPFanatics! Rockhopper docked at the beach yesterday and now when you meet him, his playercard has yarr on it like so, And he brought a Semi-Old Item back for NONMEMBERS! Its a map background. and if you click the “X” on the map you get the submarine window If you check rockhopper’s bulletin board […]

White Puffle

February 26, 2009

Hey Guys Tbullet Here!, The white puffle has been spotted all around Club Penguin, such as  these places: Dojo Courtyard, and the Ski Hill. Also in the news paper the yellow puffle drew a pic of a WHITE Puffle. My question for you is would you buy a white puffle if there was one? I […]


February 26, 2009

Ok I haven’t posted in a while and i was going to post about rockhopper’s return but macajim already did that.  Anyway my post is… Who do you think is the best film of 2008. -The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -Milk -Frost/Nixon -The Reader -Slumdog Millionaire I saw Slumdog, Button, and Nixon, all three […]

News Paper+Sculpturing+Rockhopper=Awesome!

February 26, 2009

The newspaper has been released on Club Penguin, and it has loads of stuff in it. Rockhopper will be returning tomorrow to Club Penguin. Club Penguin will be hosting a snow sculpture contest, where 15 winners will receive 10,000 coins and have their statue showed to everyone. Also, check out the upcoming events on Club […]

Holy ****!

February 26, 2009

Nothing to do with cp but. in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. There is a robber going around breakinginto houses and he just sped past my house in a black BMW and had cop cars following him. i just locked EVERY DOOR EVERY WINDOW AND EVERYTHING ELSE in my house. so scary O-O ~Bo Lil Cenas~

Just to say…

February 26, 2009

If you guys wanted to know, I’m ob bribble now. I’ll be on later to. But still look at BLC’s post. ~Scout Ninja

White Puffle Spottd In Puffle Roundup!

February 26, 2009

Hey guys! I was on the cp blog and remembered how the yellow puffle appeared in puffle roundup before it was released and decided to investigate… and look at what i found! Pretty cool huh? what made me think this was how CP posted about puffle roundup pros, i KNEW that was a sign! Happy […]

Quick update!

February 23, 2009

Check out the telescope at the Beacon! Rockhopper’s ship, the migrator is sailing towards Club Penguin from Rockhopper island. Rockhopper should be arriving next Friday, February 27. Let’s hope the puffle party is extended! I wouldn’t want Yarr to miss out. What free items do you think Rockhopper will bring this arrival? Other News: White […]

Chatbox shutdown

February 22, 2009

Hello CPfanatics I don’t think anybody really uses the BRIBBLE chatbox, so it is being temp. shut down until our site get more popular. I’m not sure if it is shut down yet but it will be soon. If it isnt shut down yet, use your last moments of it right now. ~R2DP

Names for my white puffles!

February 22, 2009

These are some names i may use for my new white puffle soon, Weezy (its my cousin’s white maltese’s name) Snow Flurry Icii Icy Icey Glade Cloud Fuzz Untitled Sensei Ninja Flipsy (inside joke xD) Casper Alpha Masked Chevy (another insider xD) Red (I used to think the color white, was red when i was […]