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Possible domain names

Hello CPfanatics. I still want our site to remain known as cpfanatic, so it’s difficult to decide the domain.

Here are some Ideas and I’ll make a poll too. in some of them, CPF means CP Fanatic

clubpenguinfanaticcheats.com (My favorite, yet a little long)






Any more ideas?



9 Responses to “Possible domain names”

  1. clubpenguindojo.com

  2. go on bribble lets discuss this

  3. scratch waddleworld.com that wont get us on google. How does clubpenguinmania.com sound? I also like clubpenguincity and clubpenguindojo too

  4. im still on bribble

  5. I think we should do clubpenguincity.com you can make it our domain if u want 2

  6. OK, r2dp. i have to go tonight to jersey for superbowl sunday, im going to be gone from now until late tomorrow. so ill do it monday

  7. lol i like cpfcheats.info
    or .net

  8. im about to leave for New jersey, look at the hits! almost 20k in one day!!
    140k every week if this rate keeps up!

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