Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Hello Cpfanatics!

Why this post is titled “Lol” is because less than a week ago we were celebrating 200,000 views and now we have almost 300,000! So over the weekend I will be working on the “Secret views project” my goal is to hit 450,000+ views by the end of the next week. My goal for the end of Feb. will be 1,000,000! Do you think we can pull it off?



5 Responses to “Lol”

  1. Well, we are getting about 100k a week, which means at this rate… since feb has like 3 1/2 weeks… we are going to have about 600k-700k unless we boost our banners… i made a gimmick one that said you won 100k views and 50,000 credits.we need more of those, i saw the coin code 1 u made xD.
    i was autosurfing all night. i had 25 windows opened for about 12 hrs.

  2. Yeah, about 100K a week, but don’t forget, the higher views we get, the higher we get placed on google. PLUS I’ll be surfing all weekend except 4 the superbowl

  3. Oh yeah!! the superbowl! who do you want 2 win??

    Yet i feel bad for the other team… they were never in a Superbowl lol.

  4. I really don’t care who wins, I don’t exactly like either of the teams. My parents r rooting 4 the cardinals

  5. im not too big of a fan of them either, its just that i like the steelers like, 2nd from last cardinals are my last… and the patriots are -1 in my book xD

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