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Delay on PBL and Newspaper

Hello CPfanatics!

Billybob announced today that the Paint By letters book is being delayed because of some bugs (errors) in the game.

Normally, we don’t post about newpapers. But now, we will so here it is.

Front Page:

Tells about the multiplayer games

In Focus:

It tells mostly about ninjas and the dojo.

Aunt Artic:

Someone asks about sharks in Catching Waves.

Someone asks why aunt artic only wears glasses.

Top Secrets:

talks about the hidden feature of reading old newspapers in the boiler room.

Reviewed By You:

Tips about catching waves

Art, Comics, Poetry:

Art: A sketch of someone’s penguin

Poetry: Puffle Poem


Jan 30 – Lime Green Dojo Clean

Feb 13 – Team Blue 3!

Jan 30 – New Snow And Sports Catalog

Feb 6 – New Penguin Style

Jan 30- New Pin Location

Feb – February Fun!


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