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My create Kingpin2 Contest entry

Hello CPfanatics!

As you have probably seen, Chewy has started a contest similar to macajim’s but you can use your computer to create him, or food. So I was just sharing what my entry is with you guys cuz I think it’s a pretty cool edit. And I might start a site shop called real life penguins where people order edits of their penguin. What do you think?

BTW did everyone just forget about the card jitsu tourney?Remember it’s up to you to arrange matches not me.



3 Responses to “My create Kingpin2 Contest entry”

  1. really why food though?

  2. hey Nice post I have created I HEADER Shop! If you like to cheak it out go here! http://carsclubpenguincheats.wordpress.com/hedder-shop/
    Thankyou so much your clubpenguin buddy cars38 🙂


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