Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Uhh….. Guys?

I just looked something on my website editor thinger that said how many posts we have written. 938!! (actually, 939 including this one) I take that as a record considering this site has been up for almost 2 years. when we reach 1000 posts, we’ll throw a party! Also, guess how many comments? The person who gets within 50 numbers away gets to be on my blogroll. (or if im feeling nice I might give something even BETTER)

Guess as many times as you want!


May the force be with you 8)

8 Responses to “Uhh….. Guys?”

  1. Hey blc, I just emailed you. Read it

  2. blc has it right but he has the advantage of looking at our blog stats and seeing how many comments we have

  3. that was anthonydeme 😡
    ill make him pay…

  4. i deleted the 2 comments so the contest can go on =]

  5. a banner to the big secret plan’s website 😛
    u should upload one too xD
    double the “u know whats”

  6. I made a banner for the secret plan a long time ago

  7. 35,000 comments

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