Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

January 09 Fiesta

I’ll have a ton of pictures later, but I gotta go to school. So heres a brief summary of the party.

I am a bit disappointed with this party. There aren’t many rooms deccorated. Theres a REALLY REALLY stupid free item. Miny Sombreros? Really, cp? They don’t even look good on your penguin! Anyways the mini sombreros are at the cove. I wish they had something like maracas, like the years before, they always had maracas. My favorite room is the forest. My favorite thing about the party is you can hit pinyatas (is that how you spell it?).



6 Responses to “January 09 Fiesta”

  1. cool site dude the party is so crap im not bothereted enjoying it or going on cp for it

  2. Because of this party, im staying off cp for the rest of the weekend… way to go cp 😐
    mini sombreros… way to get creative

  3. Guys, don’t be mad! This party is for the non-members! If you don’t like it, then fine, complain to CP about it. What good will it do, anyway? It’s not like they are gonna take away the free item. AND AT LEAST THAT HAD A NEW FREE ITEM!!!!!!!! Unlike last year. And you need to change the title to, ‘January ’09 Winter Fiesta.’ Jeez, nothing to get mad about just because the mini sombrero’s look stupid. It was THEIR idea. NOT yours.

  4. can i please join oyur site it is awesome. You may know me from seeeker.wordpress.com or kjm23giant.wordpress.com. Plz contact at kjm23giant.wordpress.com

  5. No need to blow your top, we were just giving an opinion.

  6. Ahh…gomen, gomen!! (sorry, sorry) I’m just a CP fan and I’m kinda angry when someone insults CP or their parties…Like my friend…she used to play CP, but now she plays Webkinz…I have Webkinz, too, but I’m not a real fan about it. I haven’t been on for a few days…But, don’t worry!! I go on CP alot now ’cause of the new game :]. If you were wondering why I said, “Gomen, gomen!”, it’s a different language of saying sorry. It’s the Japanese language. I just wanted to be a little different…And I’m so sorry about ‘blowing my top.’ Forgive me? Hope ya do. Bye!

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