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Laughs…By: The Joker

Hi and bye. . .4 a while + Bribble party!

I wont be posting much because I’m doing something to raise our views (I can’t tell you guys what) but it’s working! But I can’t post much AND do the raising the views at the same time

I can ONLY tell you what the project is on on bribble for security reasons http://chat.bribble.com/cpfanatic

I”l be on bribble all day, so go on bribble. I feel like we dont use bribble enough and come on guys I spend like $10 bucks a month on bribble so go on! http://chat.bribble.com/cpfanatic It’s free! just enter your penguin name, then hit send and you start chatting!



2 Responses to “Hi and bye. . .4 a while + Bribble party!”

    hey, on your blog roll that’s just Star’s site, not mine
    my site is http://wiifan710.wordpress.com

  2. posted by Wiifan7 10

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