Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Quit caring about the sites look so much!!!

If you think changing the sites look is going to help you get viewers, (I think) you are WRONG.  If you make club-penguin posts about glitches and news, then this site would be REALLY good! Think about it. (Not to much offense but…) Don’t post so much crap! Last I checked, this was a Club Penguin blog! There. I said all I’m going to say.  ~Zee Three


3 Responses to “Quit caring about the sites look so much!!!”

  1. But it makes the site look more appealing… it will make people tell their friends, etc.
    and its going to be STAYING a cp blog… this is temporary… r2dp paid for CSS, were not going to waste it.

  2. css? whats that?

  3. CSS is extra stuff tht non-paying WP members cant use, like the title fire, the comment thing, headers on on-custom header things, etc.
    20$ a month

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