Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Create Cadence

I’m (Macaroni Jim) hosting a contest to see how good people’s FOOD or BENDAROOS. Who ever makes the best work will get a reward.Here are the rewards you can get- 1. 1 Month Membership For CP 2. Free Coin Code 3.get you up to 30,000 coins 4. Your Site gets advertised in 3 posts. Ok, The rules are simple you either make Cadence out of FOOD or BENDAROOS. And when you finish take a picture of it with your camera and send it to my E-Mail macaronijim@gmail.com . Oh Yeah, I almostforgot remember to include your name in the E-Mail. Hope everyone who can join the contest joins!

Here’s What Cadence Looks Like



~Macaroni Jim~

6 Responses to “Create Cadence”

  1. COUGH macajim contest COUGH COUGH cool COUGH COUGH COUGH

  2. R we allowed to sketch her?
    i have a lifelike sketch xD

  3. No just Food or Bendaroos

  4. lol comment editor!

  5. Get on yo chat

  6. is the code series 1 or 2

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