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Views Bomb! (Good Bomb)

Oh My Good Golly Gosh!! Our views in 3 hours went from 0 to 3,000 and nearly 30 people on the site and yesterday (time is a little off) we got 1,200 so 3,000 + 1,200 = 4,200 in not 24 hours 18 hours! Wow whoever is visiting this site so much… Thank You! Also last week we had as many views as we had today! And also just an FYI my high score on DJ-K Dance Contest is 5,230. A lot of stuff huh? Also my brother and his friend made a Commercial Video for no reason except for…. PARTY ANIMAL SODA!!!!!!!!! 

P.S. That’s my cat in the sink.

~Macaroni Jim~


8 Responses to “Views Bomb! (Good Bomb)”

  1. Hello Cpfanatic,

    Please stop spamming us, one comment is fine, we reply within 24 hours and we try to answer in less time.

    I do not really understand what are you talking about the CSS, so please verify more details.

    Thank you for your patience, have a nice day.

  2. Also, make sure to keep visiting to help us reach 500,000 views and make a huge party.

    Yesterday we hit 12,101 hits in 18 hours. If we reach 500,000 hits, It will be a blast and many people will come.

    Thanks, bye!

  3. My site is worth $698,905,211.
    How much is yours worth?

    Nice widget, Well mine is worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  4. If you teach me how to make animations, I will teach you about the CSS thing

  5. you should have put at the end of the vid, call 1-800-scam

  6. Ok the electricity should be entered on the H2 place type this in

    h2 {

    Thanks for the animations ill go try em out

  7. lbk how about we play tommorow at 2PM PST?

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