Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Coin Cheat!!!

R2DP here! I just found the most amazing coin cheat. And it doesn’t involve hacking!!!!

1. Go on a Safechat server

2. go to the night club and hit the tab key until the yellow square is on the house button.

3. MAKE SURE U HAVE STEP 2 DONE! and then click dance contest and RIGHT BEFORE it asks you if you want to play, quickly press tab then enter!

4. click yes if the thing asks you to play, if not, try again

5. Play and get as many coins as you can

6. once you are finished, click X then click OK then click X again and so forth!

Its like an endless pit of money! you can thank me later, grab as many coins as you can now before cp fixes this glitch!

11 Responses to “Coin Cheat!!!”

  1. this used to work on dj3k xD
    except you were able to click tab and hold enter while it was on the x to make millions in 5 minutes

  2. dude. u didnt find this, sorry, but mohd222 did

  3. i knew it would work… just didnt do it b/c i was scared of being banned O.o

  4. I already have 552479 coins!!!
    BTW, IDK if mohd found it, I got instructions from some random dude telling people on cp how to do it

  5. Actually I found it NOT Mohd222 — though he’s my partner.

    BTW, you can get banned for this πŸ˜‰

  6. Club Penguin fixes all the cool glitches. 😦

  7. yes im chewy pup but I dont go by that now — prefer Chewy.

    and yes I am aware that we were friends when I first started and I had a noob blog.

    blc: omg awesome πŸ˜› im a huge fan :p i comment almost every day

  8. i just did it and it didnt work so ill keep trying i guess????


  10. Shouldn’t you give credit to Chewy?

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