Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Furniture sneak peek

R2DP here

On the CP blog they gave a sneek peek at the january furniture coming out on friday. Tell me what you think the theme will be. Plus the Member party starts tomorrow.janfurn.jpg


6 Responses to “Furniture sneak peek”

  1. the cards are card jitsu and the lizard..? lol

  2. r2dp please please can we continue the card jitsu tournament? PLEASE?

  3. looks like some stuff for the dojo igloo, look at the headpiece the penguin is wearing, it looks like the starter deck

  4. I’m guessing it will be something to go with the fiesta for the gecko or whatever that is. In Texas and places like that geckos climb on the walls so I’m guessing that the gecko will be a wall item. And I’m not so sure about the penguin with the uhhhhh….. starter pack of cards on his head

  5. i am gonna like this catalog

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