Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

CP Idol

R2DP here. I was thinking that because American Idol just started, we should have a Penguin Idol. I was thinking that if you wanted to audition, you would make a music video and send it in. Or we could have auditions on cp.

Also, I just want opinions, I’ll probably do CP idol anyways, but what do you guys think about it

3 Responses to “CP Idol”

  1. This picture is sort of sick but I thought blc would probably laugh at this picture I found on someones site:

  2. hey R2 can i be replacing mp3s spot dont listen to macajim hes a grinch

  3. ROFL! r2dp you NEVER fail to amuse me xD
    oh, and can admins enter??

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