Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Tracer you’re in!

I’ve been thinking, (well, actually not much because I was just sledding with my friend (doesnt play cp) and made a jump that was at least 3 feet tall. jump + Steep hill = OUCH!) Well, anyways, I think you should join the site! Just tell me your wordpress site email, and you will begin!

PS. If anyone else quits, LBK joins



7 Responses to “Tracer you’re in!”

  1. Good luck Tracer!

  2. im already set up as an editor on the site so just change me 2 an admin.

  3. ok I changed u to admin

  4. u to Z3 ps thnx R2

  5. man thats not fair just giving lbk the spot,no offence,but ur playing favorites

  6. yuyui u quit club penguin REMEMBER

  7. lol i was jk

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