Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

To: MP3

R2DP here. We need people who actually post on the site. Either post more, or I’ll give LBK your spot

6 Responses to “To: MP3”

  1. LBK30 WILL NEVR JOIN THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Mp2 doesn’t post before this Wednsday Hes gone and also Z3 is already gone. And once we get Tracer on the site there will be NO MORE ADMINS EVER!!!!!! I Think I Made My Point!

  2. calm down macajim! What wrong with new admins anyway?

  3. Just NO LBK30 he’ll ruin the site

  4. Make him an author?

  5. ok one ill make the site better and two dont be talkin trash about me

  6. how about NO Macajim and Limpbizkit30 replacing him

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