Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Getting serious about PMA

EDIT: MP3 artic called me and wants to play and i might be a little late

We dont even pay much attention to PMA, so from now on. PMA will meet every day, Server Frozen, Place: Snow forts Time: 12:30PST.

I’ll be on bribble until the end of the pma meeting unless one of my friends calls me today!


 Unifrom: Anything green unless you want to wear the traditional uniform:



4 Responses to “Getting serious about PMA”

  1. lol i thought a green parrot is only for member

  2. okay r2dp im sorry for keep bugging you about it but for the card jitsu tourney can lbk just play me in the chip? lbk and macajim arent ever gonna play so please?

  3. bring it on now boyers

  4. boyers get online alpine now

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