Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Winners of contest read

Well, I feel bad that you all did that work and got nothing. So I’ll make it up to you guys. I’ll give you anything reasonable. Like I can get you up to 10,000 coins in cp or something. Just tell me if theres anything I can do.

6 Responses to “Winners of contest read”

  1. dude its okay just CALM DOWN and dont mind regeno or w/e his name is just CALM DOWN ok?


  3. it’s regNeno you know the N reg-NENO not that hard to memorize. and umm. I got second place sooo

    You don’t have to but you could put me at the bottom of the blog roll (Which I doubt you’ll wanna do.)


  4. Yeah, what RJ said. doesn’t matter. im an admin on the site! what more could i ask for! 🙂

  5. it doesn’t really matter..
    but if u hav another coin code
    can u maybe try to give it to me?
    is really hard to get it here.

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