Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Another hint

OK I’ll give you all another hint.

HINT 1: left side

HINT 2:Something is bigger/smaller than it should be


23 Responses to “Another hint”

  1. i still cant find it please man i sent in FIRST out of every one with 18 right then AGAIN with 19 right dude. please



  4. please please ill do anything just let me have the coin code i found 20 this time and sent it in so please man my mom wont by me the plush please i really want the coin code please

  5. yes i found it too
    please check your mail!!!! i found it a long time ago

  6. can i have the coin code
    my email is billythepet@hotmail.co.uk
    it is too hard

  7. i found it first AND my mom wont bye it for me becuase she thinks its a waste of money, AND i need the pics of the tresure book for my blog.

  8. cmon i need it the most out of every one!

  9. how do you know u found all of it first?

  10. because i sent in the first email with 18 right and before you all even got to THIS post i sent the one with 20 right. so….

  11. Yeah, and in brooklyn finding coin codes is like finding water in a desert

  12. well you just have to find the oasis and that oasis is toys r us

  13. yes, and toys r us never has them, and when they do, people steal the codes

  14. at least they have them in stock every so often, every time i go there, empty code pockets and no plush figures, not even the puffles/playsets

  15. but my mom thinks its a waste of money so she will NEVER buy me one.

  16. so… at least theyre there in the first place…
    i dont have them at ALL in brooklyn’s toys r us and ppl on ebay sell them for like what? 50 bucks way overpriced

  17. well all i need is one code and then r2 could have as many more contests as he wants with out me

  18. where is he any way?

  19. i have no problem of money coz i have like 60 thousands

  20. well i just need a coin code

  21. i have no problem of money coz i have like 60 thousands

    yeah, but 50 bucks for a plushie toy?
    Im high on money too. but thats ridiculous
    and toys R us near me NEVER has the plushes

  22. wait for r2 to come. arent you his freind? call him tell him to come on

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