Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Admin taking Z3’s place?

The winner of the poll was Tracerbullet macajim’s brother, and the stopper of the joker hacker.

But the poll was really close with 2 of the other answers so heres the championship of the admin poll


4 Responses to “Admin taking Z3’s place?”

  1. well nice job tracuellebet u did good u won fair and square and i cant ague with that i hope u make some funny pics soon and as for me im gonna be looking forward to the tournament nice job dude hats off to u

  2. I also made the decision that you LBK since you are our biggest fan, will be able to join our site next time there is an open spot

  3. ok kool thnx man i appreciate that ur a really good friend

  4. To ZeeThree

    Dear Z3 You Were A Major Friend To All Of Us And We Thank You For The Memories We All Hope You And Your Blog And Your Penguin Have A Great Future Thats Why I Am Writing This So Once Again Thnk You ZeeThree For Your Funny Pics Will Return To Your Website I Hope You Make Some New Ones On Your Website And Again Thnk You For The Memories We Will Always Remember You

    From Limpbizkit30

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