Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Keep visiting!

R2DP here. I would like to tell everyone to keep visiting because at 200,000 views, I will host a huge party! To ensure you guys to keep coming here, I am going to make a contest for a coin code! Thats right, a FREE coin code.YOU just have to find all 20 changes I made to this pic! (I THINK I made 20 but im not sure!)

It’s amazingly hard. To prove to me that you found them, send a description or picture circling all of them you found

Email it to me at R2dpenguin66@gmail.com

Heres the link to the image


7 Responses to “Keep visiting!”

  1. I found exacly 20. I sent you an e-mail saying them all and put all the info you needed. When do you anounce the winners?


  2. i commented the answers coz i dont have gmail 😀

  3. R2DP, i made a draft of the answers circled.

  4. alrighty! i sent you an email with hopefully all 20!

  5. hi! i have sended you the picture
    i had included that my name is Drewdrewli

  6. I sent you
    I want coin code
    my email is billythepet@hotmail.co.uk
    my cp name is billythepet

  7. oops its just money i have already like 60 thousands

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