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January 09 Winter fiesta clothing catalog secrets

R2DP here. Theres a new catalog! The secrets Ive found are: (pics comin soon)

Spikester: Red paint bucket

spiket: click bubble looking thing to the left on the 2 dancing penguins page

Fruit head dress: click on the pot on the mexican page

Yellow Scarf: On the christmas page, click thebottom of the tree

Russian hat: click the left mountain on the sledder page

Viking helmets: click the left treetop on the penguin jumping and a penguin laughing page

Pink pom pom hat: click the snowmans top hat

Red hoodie: click a snowflake high up on the screen on the girl with hr arms up and snowflake backround page

Thats all of them



3 Responses to “January 09 Winter fiesta clothing catalog secrets”

  1. click me click me click me click me click me click me im sick of this job click him

  2. r2dp how about january 4th 10 AM PST

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