Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Card tournament

Hey. R2DP here. Heres the update on the tournament.

To Rannielle (nice RJ) and Macajim

You must have your match done by jan.3 or else you guys forfeit and lbk wins the 2nd round

BOYERS: you pick a time for our match. Any time


21 Responses to “Card tournament”

  1. Guessing the winner gets a potato chip? xD

  2. no………..how’d you know? XD

  3. dont be so sure! it could be a CHOCOLATE chip


  5. r2dp how about january 4th 10 AM PST

  6. macajim and reneile get a match goin now cus im all fired up from new year still

  7. whoever beats me gets a chocolate chip lol

  8. i never cheated i won fair and squar yuyui we had a rematch and i won i used my normal cards not any power cards accept that u lost yuyui i dont want to fight anymore so plz stop arguing


  10. u forefited the first time cheater

  11. yea but we had a rematch remeber

  12. and on that rematch i won remember

  13. just dont start yuyui

  14. yuyui Z3 allready said In Tournament LBK WON!!!

  15. OK,a couple days ago i challenged Nice Rj to a match but he didn’t come. So either i win or we do a rematch
    P.S.you spelt Fore fit wrong.
    P.S.S.There is no such thing as 2 ppl fore fitting that are playing each other.They can wait till pigs fly to play the game its basicly a bunch of rain delays. You got it?

  16. i have no idea what u just said maajim

  17. I AM WANT JOIN 😦

  18. if u macajim or raneilie get a match ill count u two as forfit ps idc if i spelled for fit wrong

  19. everyone go on bribble cus ill be on

  20. This Is Me Ranielle im forfeiting the match since i cant play on my laptop coz its CLASSES the BOREDNESS so macaroni jim wins w00t

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