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Possible domain names

January 31, 2009

Hello CPfanatics. I still want our site to remain known as cpfanatic, so it’s difficult to decide the domain. Here are some Ideas and I’ll make a poll too. in some of them, CPF means CP Fanatic clubpenguinfanaticcheats.com (My favorite, yet a little long) clubpenguincheatfanatic.com cpfclubpenguincheats.com cpfpenguincheats.com fanaticpenguincheats.com cpfcheats.com Any more ideas? ~R2DP Advertisements

CP Style Contest (Dance/Weird)

January 30, 2009

I’m hosting another contest along with the Create Candence contest. It’s one of the outfit contests where you look around and try to find a cool outfit,but…you’ll E-Mail your 2 entries too me of Dance and Weird. The E-Mail you will send it to is macaronijim@gmail.com or kerbs11@gmail.com. That’s really all you need to know. […]

Add extra domain?

January 30, 2009

Hello CPfanatics BLC, you said that we should have a simple description and stuff to get on google, but another thing that would help, is if we had a domain like clubpengcheats.com or something, butcause if you google search club penguin cheats theres a lot of sites that have domains with “Club” And “Penguin” and […]

Super Bowl!

January 30, 2009

Hello CPfanatics The Super Bowl (football, if you don’t know, but thats a silly thing to say considering it’s a huge event in America 😉 ) So if you are a football fan, (or a commercial fan, some people just like the commercials) then I want your opinion! Who should win? I’m thinking about hosting […]

New blog title.

January 30, 2009

well… if we want to get a higher rank on google we must make a specific site description, so i changed it from Cpfanatic club penguin blog: Club Penguin Cheats and Entertainment to plain old Club Penguin Cheats™ ~Bo Lil Cenas


January 30, 2009

Hello Cpfanatics! Why this post is titled “Lol” is because less than a week ago we were celebrating 200,000 views and now we have almost 300,000! So over the weekend I will be working on the “Secret views project” my goal is to hit 450,000+ views by the end of the next week. My goal […]

New Pin, New Snow And Sports, And PBL!

January 30, 2009

Well, Just a heads up that PBL is going to be released at 12:00 Penguin time. The new sports catalog is out! They FINALLY Made some new items. Pretty cool goalie gear! I like the stick ALOT more than the original. Some new swimming items!! And old ballerina items! Woah! A rock climbing wall! when […]

CPFanatic Button!

January 29, 2009

Macajim Here, I made this button thingy that looks pretty cool. Check it out! 8) Let It Rock 8)

Bo Lil Cenas’ Kingpin2 Contest Entry!

January 29, 2009

Check it out! i even made the player card by myself! its really not too hard, just a bunch of round sided rectangles, and outlines ~Bo Lil Cenas~

Kingpin 2 Contest Entry (Macajim)

January 29, 2009

This probably isn’t as good as R2DP’s but i think it’s pretty good! 8) Let It Rock 8)