Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

What to do

About the card tournament, I was talking on bribble with Yuyui: (This is some of the chat, so not all is there!)
Yuyui: that he should be forfeited (LBK)
Zeethree: Why?
Yuyui: cause i said hang on when i was supposed to play him
Yuyui: boyers said yuyui coming
Yuyui: cuz my cards dont show up rite away
Zeethree: oh
Yuyui: and he signed off when i got bak

I dont know what to do! What might have happend, but you vote here! Oh and LBK and Yuyui, dont vote on the poll! because you would vote for the othe person to be out of the tournament!
NOTE! The poll is in need of fixing. Votes do not count. and you can’t vote, It won’t let you.

~Zee Three


2 Responses to “What to do”

  1. yuyui u wanna play mind games and hide behind Z3 well u know what its not gonna help u im going on now u better be on yuyui

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