Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Anyone in hope of getting a coin code for the new items. I just realized you need a series 2 toy to get series 2 items. Sucks 4 me because I just bought a yellow puffle over Ebay (yellow puffles were the cheapest thing I could find) and its coming in the mail, but its series 1.

I can’t find any series 2 things online, but my mom might take me to Toys R Us to get one soon

PS. My dad said I could get a phone (verizon) but I don’t know which I should get. What are your advice? It has to be within our pricerange or something


5 Responses to “Phooey!”

  1. get the new blackberry

  2. dude would you be willing to put my blog in ur blog roll? just say no if you want i dont care

  3. Actually, chewy pup used a puffle and unlocked the new items.

  4. ok r2dp get a phone you know how your house is always getting calls and somone else is always on it,so you have a hard time getting a hold of people

    p.s i don’t care about which type

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