Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Mission is delayed

Guys, just so you don’t get ticked off, the mission comes out at 12:00 PST
WHY? because cp is removing their party, they’re obviously going to put the mission in at that time because they have much better things to do then to update the game with a new mission, then remove a party an hour later, while i was waiting
i met Chrisdog93 (clubpenguincp.com)
and Samy (mohd222) added me
He was a friend from a while ago during the summer when MC the video group broke up, i helped him get some subs when he needed them because everyone was on supposed’s side.

Picture proof d:



oh and in the catalog, go o the page with the candy igloos, then click on the words “Candy” Left to right (There are 4 of them), then you should get the secret GINGERBREAD IGLOO! WARNING: If you like your igloo already dont buy it, its incredibly small

~Bo Lil Cenas~

3 Responses to “Mission is delayed”

  1. hey thanks for the heads up before i go on thnx man

  2. ps nobody can get oon the agent HQ is full

  3. Thnxs for saying when the mission is because i waz on at like 8:oo to like 9:30 saying when is the mission comin out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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