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Mission 10: Waddle Squad Guide WARNING SPOIL ALERT

[ video coming soon ]

1. Talk to G. He will tell you about the gold puffle, then Herbert comes on the screen…. G appoints you head agent for the job.

2. Grab the solar thing from the box next to G.

3.Go to the beach and talk to Jetpack guy.

4.Go into the lighthouse and grab the barrel of cream soda.

5.Talk to the jet pack guy, then give him the soda.

6.You need to get the Science glasses divided into fours. Heres the order

Cup 8-Cup 5

 Cup 5-Cup 3

 Cup 3-Cup 8

 Cup 5-Cup 3

Cup 8-Cup 5

Cup 5-Cup 3

Cup 3-Cup 8

7.Go to the Docks, ask the penguin for a rope.

8.Go to the Gift Shop, talk to the rookie, then put the solar panel on. Heres the combination. NOTE: there are multiple combinations!

Blue: Up 3, Right 4

Red: Up 2, Right 3, Up 3, Left 5, Up 1

Yellow: Right 2, Up 6, Left 4

8.Go to the Night Club. Add the rope to the pulley thing, then turn it on. As expected Gary’s machine breaks down. Use a spy phone wrench to unbolt the machine. I cannot tell you the combination because the combination changes each time you play.

9. Pull the lever. It should go up. Then you will get a spy phone call.

10. Go to the Docks and watch Mr. Crab run away to his mommyz.

11. Go to the Night Club. Herbert gets trapped then just gets right out of the cage. The magnet pulls the puffle but Herbert wants the puffle.

12. The magnet needs more power. Move the lights towards the solar panel. Herbert is Trapped once again. But then the Rookie, (who should be codenamed dumb*** for this) Gives Herbert his phone and Herbert epicly, escapes.


Note: this must be done before you catch Herbert

1. Talk to the Gift Shop clerk and take the clothes, box of balls, and table.

2.Walk out side and set down the balls, then the table, then the clothes.



6 Responses to “Mission 10: Waddle Squad Guide WARNING SPOIL ALERT”

  1. I used my wits! When I looked on youtube, nothing on mission 10. But to the mission: I waited what, like 3 months for this??? The mission is easy! Took me like 5-10 minutes to finish! You would think the mission would be the hardest yet… Crap am I bored.

  2. Z3 dont start with me or u die

  3. Huh? I was only saying. It wasn’t really a mesage to you.

  4. And how can you kill me you don’t know where I live! Oh nevermind!

  5. Z3 u have stuck ur big nose in my buisness u r the devil

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