Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Epic Fail

Hey guys,
Just to let you guys know, R2DP whooped the living crap out of me O.O

its was really close too.
Im going to give out my secret to help you guys out

Well, most people use 7 ice first because its high, so use 6 fire (the pizza man)

and then use another fire, then an ice, then another ice,
Now you have 3 possibilities, all ice, all fire, or all 3 (water ice fire)

i go for the one they least expect, since you went through all of that trouble they’ll think your going for fire or ice, so use water

Good luck to the rest of you.
and R2DP, don’t get too comfortable xDD (jk)

~Bo Lil Cenas~


11 Responses to “Epic Fail”

  1. thnx for posting that new stradgie for card jutsu now i can have 2 awsome ways of battling ppl

  2. I’am challenging Ranielle Dec. 29th 12:00 PST on thae server Vanilla. Be There Ranielle!

  3. i get ppl with that trick to

  4. lbk when do u want to play

  5. and my cards dont show up right away it might take 3 times,if i quit,dont take it like im quitting ok,wen they show up ill play

  6. sam ill play you tommorow at 10:00 PST

  7. 10:00 am i mean

  8. how bout maybe tommorow maybe i cant really say yea cus i got basketball practice 10:00 to 12:00 so that time is bad other times r good just not to early like 6:00 or 7:30 speaking of that dont start any tornaments at that timecus i wont be home till like idk 5:00 or six o clock not to late either not like ten o clock or Midnight cus ill either be asleep or my sister wil be asleep cus she has the computer in her room

  9. It’s simple to win at Card Jistu. You just keep double crossing them, ex: You have fire and ice and need water to win, they use ice to try and beat your water (which they think your going to use), so you use fire to beat their ice and do it again and you have 3 fire, you win.

  10. OH, and lets say they have that effect where the lower card wins, and they already have an ice

    use a low water because the worst thing that could happen is they use the same thing

    because 2 water beats fire
    and 2 is the lowest water


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