Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

To LBK30

R2dp here.

You are pretty much our biggest fan. We don’t get as many hits as we used to, but you comment every day. So this post is dedicated to limpbizkit30.

Ps. If you want to meet me/us on cp, tell me/us when to go on. I have plenty of room in my buddy list


3 Responses to “To LBK30”

  1. kewl how bout tommorow maybe at noon

  2. im on right now im in the ninja hideout

  3. ya i do actually cus i just wanna sometimes start conversations or stuff im honored that u dedicated the post for me i really appreciate it guys keep up the good work and funny pics and R2 I hope u get ur music videos back
    Ps I just got a new Black Nintendo DS and Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force I allready entered the code and i got 1500 coins plus a certificate that allows me to go in the command room and something that i allready have a spy phone im on Mission 5 I gotta Get Flare to come on fire somehow i think its the fire extinguisher

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