Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Eye of the tiger music video!

R2DP here

This took me like 5 days so I hope you like it. Definitely one of my better music videos!


I got a new screen recorder. It has no unregistered thing at the top. It’s called CamStudio

I’m also making a page of my music videos



4 Responses to “Eye of the tiger music video!”

  1. r2 cya at the championship round cuz i went from no belt to black belt with no looses i won the whole time and now i got lvl 12 cards!!!!!anyways on the thing how it says sam100 do u mean samuel10000 xP im sure it does cuz im amazing and i may win championship!!!!!

  2. u wish sammy i will go on to face him so keep dreaming

  3. All u fools out there better watch out cause i’ve beet a black belt when I was a White belt. And i’ve beaten R2DP plenty of times to own every1s face off.

  4. that maske no sense at all macajim lol

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