Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

all i got for xmas

i got
animal crossing cityfolk for wii

simcity creator for wii

ddrhottest party2 for wii

i got a Nerf gun the machine gun one fist one to use battery to fire
i have tons of other Nerf guns

i got a 25$ gift card to game stop

i got a sled my other one recently broke

and movies and other toys that it would take to long to talk about


One Response to “all i got for xmas”

  1. guess what i got for christmas
    i got the ACDC Live rock band set for the PS2
    i got guitar hero world tour for the PS2
    A Electric Guitar
    A Element Jacket
    And Volume 1 dvds of Family Guy featuring season 1 and 2

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