Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Card jitsu Tournament!

EDIT: I forgot to put something at the bottom of this post that is another one of my presents.

I, (R2DP) got some extra jitsu cards for Christmas, and was thinking about holding a card jitsu tournament!

Theres plenty of space open so be sure to sign up in the comments!

In case anybody is wondering,

The BEST things i got for christmas were:

-Animal Crossing Wii

-Lego Batman Wii

-A video camera

-My first nerf gun (Me and my 3 bros 2 younger, 1 older had a nerf gun fight. It was painful but in the end I ended up nailing my big bro in the junk about 29 times. )

-25$ gift card to target

-SEASON PASS to Valley Fair (If anybody is wondering, valley fair is an amusement park and theres one sort of nearby where I live)




10 Responses to “Card jitsu Tournament!”

  1. ill sign upp 😛

    i got

    Gta 4
    Soul caliber 4
    Call of duty – world at war
    12 weeks of free game and movie rentals from blockbuster
    tin of cp cards
    Voyager (verizon)
    Dirtbike (for my house upstate NY)
    and clothes… lots and lots of clothes xDD

  2. Holy Fizznoodles!
    Thats a lot of stuff!
    EXPENSIVE stuff.
    I keep begging my parents for a phone. My dad says I can have my mom’s old phone, but she still wants it because she thinks her blackberry is crap. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I can get her blackberry.
    My dad also said he might let me pick out my own choice.
    Ps. If I had 12 weeks of free game and movie rentals, I would rent everything in the store XD

  3. Oh yeah, what open space do you want on the picture?
    This will effect who you play so I was wondering if you had a preference

  4. can i sign up and go against u r2?

  5. hey can i be in the tournament

  6. can i please be in the tournament

  7. I know lol, i already rented like 7 movies and 4 games :PP

  8. ehh, ill go for the 1st box on the 2nd round one

  9. ill join im pretty good and also Good Luck to other ppl who r in the tornament

  10. I got
    -LG enV2 (Verizon)
    -Medal of Honor Heroes 2
    -Guitar Hero On Tour (DS)
    -Winter Hat with city annitials
    -Penguin Plush(s)
    -50$ Total (I have $103.54 now!)
    -CP Sleeping Bag (Very Very Very Soft)
    -Ornament with my school pic on it

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