Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Who wants a free coin code?

Hey guys. R2DP here.

Go to http://randomcodegenerator.com/

then put digits: 12

then check the box that says numbers and check the one with UPPERCASE letters then tell it to generate about 50 codes, and voila.

I haven’t gotten a working code yet, but I’ll keep trying.

PS. LBK30, it was zeethree who deleted the pages not macajim

PSS. If you overgo the limit of trys for your penguin, make a new penguin and try to get the code on him but don’t spend the stuff just wait until you cna put it into your penguin


7 Responses to “Who wants a free coin code?”

  1. o well then he must be kicked off the site

  2. srry macajim if i made u mad

  3. next time i wont accuse anymore ppl

  4. nice abreviation of my name

  5. sorry for all these comments lol Merry Christmass everybody but zeethree

  6. hi, ummm, isnt a coin code 9 digits long?

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