Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

CPW (Club Penguin Warriors)

I’m going to make an army for all of us so we don’t have so many army’s. The came up from the #1 army of all time UMA (Underground Mafias Army).And trust me I will make battles happen. And the reason there are no wars is because armys are only developing. And if we can make this army big enough this site popular enough tan I beleive that this army could change something. For instance…we could make other armys start to build up on different sites and make them feel stronger. But the army I’m about to build is’nt just a group of penguins,it’s an army of brave hearted soldiers that want to help CP get straightened out. This army can be what it wants when it wants… and we will never give up no matter how hard they fight. (I’m vey pissed at Z3)This army could change Club Penguin forever! (i think I went a little overboard)

~Macaroni Jim~


4 Responses to “CPW (Club Penguin Warriors)”

  1. If some one doesn’t approve my latest post,(Not the one that says DON’T POST THIS!!!) POST IT OR I’LL MAKE THE BLOG STATS GO DOWN! And I know how! (I just won’t tell 😛 )


  3. Screw you Limpbizkit30. And Screw you X10 MacaJim! You deleted A LOT of stuff of the site!

  4. no he didnt and u no what SCREW U Z3 OR SHOULD I SAY Y2

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