Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

why I’m not quitting

R2 here.

You guys are saying you are quitting because cp is all different but the only thing stopping me from quitting is this website. I love blogging whether I have to play a stupid game or not. And I like blogging about CP not real life so basicly I’m not playing for the game, I’m playing for the blog. And if I do ever quit, I will not shut down this blog, I will always hand it down to another worthy penguin.

Don’t lose that Christmas spirit!



Zee Three: You have a point… And I did say might. Heck. I will not quit, I’ll just not go on cp as much.

mp3: who in the right mind would quit the blog one day we might all quit cp but the blog will stay it might not be about cp who knows what it will about but its staying strong and firm forever


2 Responses to “why I’m not quitting”


  2. why arent you guys ever on bribble!!!!!!!!!!

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