Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Go Away CpPerson!

I don’t care if you quit, get off my site, and don’t leave comments like you just did, because I will flip them around to make it look like you were saying bad stuff about your self.

PS. I knew all the word you had on there; I know more than you think



3 Responses to “Go Away CpPerson!”

  1. go away or we will al make ur face look even more uglier

  2. Thats the way to do it RD2penguin

  3. I think he was mad at me because when he quit he said on his site that cp is so gay shit and he said he liked to play pawngame and games on crazymonkey.com or something so I said why don’t you go wipe ur crazy monkey ass so then he read it like 5 month later and got mad

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