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Merry Christmas Party 08

Happy holidays! Club Penguin has started the holidays off with a Christmas Party! This party is probobaly the best Christmas party I’ve seen since 06. Heres all you need to know about the party:

Santa hats – Snow forts

Santa Beards –

Here is all the rooms!

Town – Very festive with holiday decorations.

Coffee shop – A nice warm fire and a place to snuggle up. Also a traditional place for CP to put a hannukah candle because not everyone celebrated christmas.

Book room – 3 New holiday story-based books-also one of these books is in hte downstairs coffee shop.

Dance club – Cool Christmas music with blue and tan and white dance squares.

Dance Lounge – Now this is cool. Its santas workshop with video games for the arcade.

Snow Forts – Same as the snow forts from 06,  a Santa sleigh and 2 lumps for forts. Also has Santa Hats.

Dock – Skating-frozen puddle-like thing that you skate on with a hot chocolate booth.

Lighthouse Beacon – Same as always, but with a red light.

Plaza – A lot of snow and some christmas trees.

Pizza Parlor – A nice, formal restaurant with candles, a harp and gingerbread cookies baking in the oven!

Forest – Photo shoots with santa claus!

Cove – Take a break from all the excitement and relax. Turn on the sunmaker to make your christmas a hawaiian vacation!

Soccer Pitch (or should I say Ice rink?) – The Ice rink is back but the stands is gone so the rink looks small. Also you can’t slide for some reason.

Ski Village – Free Santa Beards with a giant snowman thats head changes when you click on it. It’s fun. Try it!

Ski Lodge – A Christmas tree and the pin is here. It is a Present on the fireplace.

Mountain – Not that festive, but its snowing! Hmmm why does it snow now, and not all year long?

Mine Shack (or should I say ginger bread house) – The title explains it all its a gingerbread house.

Pool (Cave) – Its not just a cave anymore, Its an ICE cave! It’s really neat, but poor fishie, he’s frozen. Lets all take a moment of silence for Fluffy the fish. 😥

Inner Mine – Go Ginger Cart surfing! (this does not show up on the game cart surfer) alsopart of the ice cave ice cave

Boiler Room – The boxes were turned into presents and the boiler is a christmas tree.

Dojo Courtyard – AHH MY EYES! theres WAY too many lights here.

Dojo interior – Theres not much except the fact theres snowflakes and glass windows.

Ninja Hide Out – AHHHH! the giant octopus returns! With a CANDY CANE and a SANTA HAT! team up with the other ninjas to battle the octopus.

Ice Berg – Snow again with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, click the christmas tree to watch it grow into a beautiful Christmas tree.

Agent HQ – This is pretty cool because HQ is almost NEVER decorated for parties.

EPF HQ – not much, but if you click the TV the conversation penguin are wearing santa hats, and instead of pizza sometimes on the table theres gingerbread men.


(undecorated rooms):

-Gift shop

-Sport shop

-Ski lodge attic

-Lighthouse first floor


-Pet shop

Keep up the great christmas spirit!



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