Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

what da flibbit?

Ok, youtube decided to re-reject my video for an unknown reason but luckily the vid still works on this site


3 Responses to “what da flibbit?”

  1. put this in the description

    The song “(Song Name)” by (Artist Name)and its copyright belong to (Record Company/copyright holder). I, in no way, have anything to do with this company, and the copyright of the audio used in this video, is owned by them. I however, own the editing in this video.This video was used to entertain my subscribers and viewers, not in any way for profit or redistribution reasons.

    Club Penguin is a registered trademark of the Disney cooperation. The only way in which i am connected to this game is the fact that I play the game.
    Other than the fact that I play the game “Club Penguin”, i have nothing to do with it as a company. They are not responsible for my actions, and anything impossible on the game that is featured in this video, is probably edited with the program Sony Vegas.

  2. in the end where it says sony vegas, write Windows movie maker

  3. The video doesn’t work on the site

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