Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Well… check out the town and ski village, Looks like the penguins MIGHT have save the snow from 06, I think. If you know, in 06, a HUGE snow-fall came, and, penguins had to dig tunnels through the snow! But, there could be more around, I don’t know yet! If you do find something, post a comment on this post! ~Zee Three 8)

One Response to “X-mas”

  1. hey this is to r2, sorry z3. hey r2 i think you should have a christmas eve party in ur igloo. but you should set it up like a stage and tell like a comedy routine. have like 5 ppl sign up each having an act up to 5minutes. and you should be the 6th and final act. just sayen.

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