Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

A soon, So Long…

Just so you guys know I’m quiting CP on December 31st. And if you wan’t to find me on CP after I quit go on every other Thursday on the server Thermal. Or i’ll be on next X-Mas for Coins for Change. So I guess So Long 😦

R2dp: ok we need to start saying WHOS POSTING! I’m gonna take a guess and say it was most likely macajim, but if it wasn’t you, whoever posted, tell us!

4 Responses to “A soon, So Long…”

  1. ok who the heck is posting?? Im guessing macajim but im not sure

  2. ok it was macajim I checked the post editor on our site and it said posted by macajim, by the way: Why are you quitting? and even so, if you are quitting, why would you still go on every other thursday? Quitting means you stop playing, so I guess your not QUITTING your going to cut down on playing. Im confusing myself. I’m bored and gonna go watch TV. see ya

  3. Why are you quiting????

  4. macjim u r in dep trouble

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