Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

yes im on the site!

r2dp let me on the site now. I’m not making any posts(ok im making some posts but I’m limiting) or pages until r2dp gets back from long lake.

8 Responses to “yes im on the site!”

  1. I went to long lake when I was in 5th grade, Im now in 6th though.

  2. i went skiing when i was in 6th grade now im in 8th PS im now a brown belt on club penguin

  3. pss one more belt

  4. psss i like nachos

  5. pssss rockhopper maybe comming friday and new mission

  6. psssss i like pickles

  7. psssssss srry for all the ps

  8. i remember i went to a sleepaway trip for a week to a “Haunted” mansion based on our social studies chapter xD. it was so cool, and i swear when i walked into the bathroom i saw a little girl O.O

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