Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Well, RockHopper is closer, look through the telescope to see hes ready for Christmas! Other news, a bug in Club Penguin came up about 7 days after the new card game, Card Jitsu, came out, other penguins on your screen mite have the blue ring like the one below your penguin! The most I’ve seen was 2 other penguins with rings, How long do you think the ring thing on other penguins will last? Poll here!

See-Ya around on Club Penguin! ~Zee Three

2 Responses to “Closer…closer!”

  1. Hey u need post titles that excite people like mission 6 walk through

  2. Well, we try but making a title like OMG ORANGE PUFFLE, and then write about a new mission, its kinda weird

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