Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Z3 is here, and what the crap happend? NO one came to the party yesterday!!! R2dp and I were on, but no one came to his igloo for the party! Really, how can you miss a B-day party?!?!?!? Come on ppl.


5 Responses to “What???”

  1. sorry i wasnt able to come i feel pretty bad that i didnt make it

  2. i was there but you guys werent

  3. ello ello! sorry for the british accent. But you see im updating my site with numerous games and not just clubpenguin. So of course im going to need someone to cover cp news on my site, just leave a comment on my site and 1…2……3 your an author. once again sorry if you think im trying to steal staff from you r2, which i am not. well cya.

    mp3artic: you do realize that’s a crazy Jamaican accent

  4. i was at my aunt’s house in jersey 2 days ago so i had no internet connection,

  5. my mom made me come home to decorate the tree and i didn’t finish in time

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