Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


No one visits our blog much anymore. We are getting better in hits slowly, i mean, we got about 6,000 views last month, but in august of 2007, we got 22,000! and thats STILL not a BIG lot. I mean, there are sites out there like, wwe adam, and club penguin gang, and they have over a million hits. And cyclones site got like what 80,000 in august. I keep advertising, but people never click the link. I miss having like 20 comments in like 2 hours.

If any of you penguins with a high amount of hits (I know no one will do this) but post a link to our site, on your blogroll, or on a post, anything! please!

~R2DP has the stuf you need 8)

Zee Three: If you have friends that play clubpenguin, and you know them in real life, tell them to go to our site!!! Every bit counts!!!


6 Responses to “sigh”

  1. if you give me up to 5 club penguin coin codes ill visit almost everyday! (if you just give me 1 coin code i wont visit that much)(if you give me 5 coin codes ill visit your site and comment probablly 7 times and tell other people about your site)your going to have to e-mail me or other penguins will see the coin code so my e-mail is ijason@live.com

  2. e-mail me in 1 week or i will forget about it!(or i might get other coin codes)

  3. I don’t think anybody would want to give you anything, nub.


  4. yeah, no offense, but I cant even get ONE coin code (other than the one i used)and I don’t need just your views. I want everyone’s views
    oh yeah, and if you dont want to come here cuz nobody will give you coin codes, thats your loss

  5. this site sucks anyway
    Z3: Well, YOU suck!

  6. club penguin gang is better
    Z3: screw you 😛

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