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coin code offers reduced

R2dp here. since the red hoodie came out, I am reducing my offers for a coin code

1. You MIGHT be a mod on bribble

2.you will secretly meet me and be my buddy

3.Your site will be on my blogroll and on some posts

4.get a ride with 50 bots following you

4 Responses to “coin code offers reduced”

  1. hey guys, been kind of a long time but when you (r2dp) quit the blog i went over to the nachos of club penguin army, it’s really fun and it kept me with club penguin anyway.. THE CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT IS STARTING tomorrow at 11:00 am PST, 2:00 est

    The amies participating in this Tourney are~

    ACP (army of club penguin)~ Boomer accepted
    Ice Warriors~ Icey accepted
    Uma (underground mafias army)~ Hero accepted
    Rpf (rebel penguin federation)~ Ziehen & Omega accepted
    Nachos~ Person, Terr, and Puck accepted
    Black Bandits~ Klimster accepted
    CPW (club penguin warriors)~ hero accepted
    Watex Warriors~ spacey & Wii accepted …”
    2. Battle #2

    Sever~South Pole, Snowforts
    Date~ Dec. 6th (saturday)

    11:00 PM Pacific
    12:00 PM Mountain
    1:00 PM Central
    2:00 PM Eastern
    Between Nachos vs Watex Warriors

    If you wanna talk, im almost always at the chatbox http://xat.com/chat/room/34261092/

  2. sorry about this i just want as many people

  3. we really want to beat acp thats one of the reasons i joined 😀
    http://www.nachosofclubpenguin.wordpress.com ok i think im done sorry if im spamming or advertising please come it will be fun

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